Invasion day book 3 By L.C Morgans

In the year 3030, an alien race named the Thrakorian’s invaded Earth, and won. Over twenty years later, the humans have finally discovered the truth behind their invasion, albeit too late. The Thrakorian’s weren’t on Earth to protect or to preserve the dying planet and its overpopulated race. They had an ulterior motive. The were there on a research mission, looking to their distant cousins for aspects of their DNA that might be used to help cure the Thrakorian’s of a vicious disease plaguing their kind—Ehrad. Having taken what they wanted, they’ve left the Earth behind to die, along with billions of humans refused sanctuary on their home planet of Thrakor. And so, with their precious human cargo in tow, the Thrakorian’s are headed home with hopes of a better life for all those affected by the Ehrad disease once they reach it. Aboard their mother ship, Kyra Millan has been stowed away by her boyfriend and Thrakorian superior, Thrayke. His plan is to keep her hidden while onboard and then sneak her home with him so they can be together, but all without the attentive eye of their leader, King Kronus, watching over them. Watching her. If only things were that simple…

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