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KICKST☆R (Crushing On The stars series) #2By Author L.M EVANS

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For years Drake has been on the hunt for his soul-mate. Until now. Picking up a scent he follows it and finds himself outside a football stadium in Cardiff. Intent on finding out who it belongs to, he joins the football team.

Ramsey is a quiet girl, untrusting of men in general. Ignoring the advances of the new sexy footballer she keeps her walls up around her.

A full moon one night has her spellbound. Why does she feel drawn to him now when she resisted his advances before?

Will Drake reveal his dark secret and break the curse or has he lost his chance?

Author Bio

L.M Evans is a stay at home mother who lives in South Wales
with her husband and three children. She enjoys going for long walks in
the countryside with her family and going to the movies.
When she’s not busy running around after her children you’ll  either find her
working on her blog, writing or reading one of her favourite books.

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Twitter - Louisem070283

Instagram - Louisem07021983

snapchat - Welshbookworm

Facebook - L m evans author

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