The Curious Profession Of Dr. Craven!

The Curious Profession Of Dr. Craven!

Check out The Curious Profession Of Dr. Craven by R. Harrison.
Dr. Craven nurses a girl back to health to restore her to her family, but she can’t
remember anything…


What is a poor anatomist to do? Twenty pounds, wasted, up in smoke when a
beautiful young woman wakes up on the dissection table. Someone has made a
ghastly error. Dr Richard Craven, an ethical doctor, has but one choice, to nurse the
girl back to health and restore her to her family. That’s when his troubles start. She
can’t remember anything, only her first name, and she isn’t even sure about that. As
his household helps her to recover her strength and her memories trickle, then flood
back, their mutual attraction buds into a flowing passion.
Unfortunately one of the things she’s conveniently forgotten was her arranged
engagement to a vulgar, but wealthy son of a Northern industrialist. Not only that, but
there is some deep dark secret about Dr Craven that her father believes makes him
completely ineligible.
Resolving the resulting tangle in this sweet historical romance takes the combined
efforts of the doctor’s once profligate brother, the Earl of Craven, a displaced French
Royal, le Duc de Bourbon, and the visit of a mysterious French Baron to the sacred
floor or Almack’s.

About the Author

International man of mystery, able to split infinitives with a single bound, faster than a
speeding semicolon, and equally inept in several languages, including hieroglyphics,
R. Harrison has taken a break from making the world safer for computers to write
sweet romantic and historical fiction. A mild-mannered professor by day (hey, it's a
job), a dashing author by night, and an all around great guy, he writes his own
biography. Some parts of which might be true.

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