Never Say Never

Never Say Never

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Sometimes white magic can turn dark. Even with the best intentions.
When Angelica placed a protective curse over her granddaughter, Nancy, in a bid to keep her safe from society and her own powers until she was old enough to understand, she had no idea of the consequences.
On the 31st of October, Nancy held her annual Halloween party. Straying away from her usual festivities, she held a séance with the help of her friends and her new Ouija board.
Unaware of the curse and the fact that it was lifted that very night, Nancy summoned a spirit. A man whom she shared a night of passion with and promised to never send back.
Two weeks later and Nancy has honoured her promise, but with Jack unable to leave the house due to a barrier of force holding him back, Nancy goes looking for help. What she’ll discover in the process will send chills up her spine and an ache to her heart.
Time is about to tell just who Jack really was.

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