Interview with Logan Chance

Interview with

Logan Chance

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Dear Logan I am so happy to have you here with me, I am also honored and humbled to have this opportunity to start with.
How are you?

* Plz introduces yourself, but plz tell us the juicy stuff LOL that's making you - you...

Hey there, I'm Logan Chance, author of hot and sexy stories. Let's see what makes me me, well, as you know I probably have the sexiest beard in the Indie Community, ha ha. For real, I love writing good stories. I take my writing seriously, and try to develop the best characters and stories I can. With lots of hot sexy scenes. 

* What lead you to start writing? did you had this passion for writing at young age?  
 I've always had a vivid imagination. My cousin convinced my brother Jacob and I to write erotica on a dare. 

*Do you do anything more then writing ? 
if so, when do you write?
Yes, I have a day job. And I mainly write whenever I can fit it in. 

* If you weren't an author, what would you be? Dream job?

*From where do you get your ideas?
Imagination and real life

*Are your characters based on real people?
Some are. Theo is based a lot on me

*Do you fall in love with your characters?
Yeah, I had a little crush on Penny from The Boss Duet

*Anything else to add?
You can find me on Facebook: www.facebook.com/loganchanceauthor 

Thank you Logan for being here with me J
It was so fun, and you my lovely readers here is some links to stalk Logan..

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