DescriptionA collection of spooky stories to bring some paranormal heat into your October! Story One: Eloise. She was their future queen; the witch that had it all including beauty! He decided that he was going to take full advantage of his powers while he could! Story Two: Something Evil This way Comes. Cora was a first class bitch. She loved the way people reacted to her mean, abrasive attitude, and fuck them if they didn't like it! The book she discovered by some idiot writer made her laugh; Demons aren't real! Story Three: Casper It was her dream job; to research in the world of the paranormal. When they told her they had discovered a sentient spirit, she couldn't wait to meet him...and he took a shine to her instantly. Story Four: Fairytale. Living in the city made her nervous, so getting a dog seemed like a good move. The animals at the pound broke her heart, she would have taken them all, but there was ONE that was just perfect; scary and strange, but just what she needed. Story Five: Through A Glass Darkly. Two identical antique mirrors given to two complete strangers; what was the evil that brought them together? Buy links

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