Baited Truth

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Nothing about my life has been easy, but that hasn’t stopped me from living it. So when someone sets out to steal that life from me, they better come heavily armed and with an army close behind, because nothing short of nuclear warfare is going to stop me from protecting what’s mine.
When my mom goes missing and I’m attacked on my way to find her, missing pieces of a puzzle I didn’t even know existed start to fall into place.
I might end up paying the price for someone else’s sins, but there’s no turning back now. I’m far too invested in this now - in finding my mom, in untangling the web of lies surrounding my absent father, and more than anything else, I’m far too invested in the sexy, secretive and seriously annoying man helping me.
As an ex-SEAL that’s seen and endured horrors the majority of civilians think only exist in Hollywood, I really thought there wasn’t much that could surprise me anymore.
Jack having a daughter? Talk about blindsided.
Jack’s daughter being a pint-sized little spitfire that made waterboarding sound relaxing compared to her relentless persistence? Let’s just say if it weren’t for her tight, toned body and traffic stopping beauty, I would have tapped out of this mission five minutes into it.
Not that I have any plans of hooking up with the boss’s daughter. I’m already fighting to keep us both alive, so signing my own death warrant would just make me a giant dumbass.
Dammit. I’m such a dumbass.
baited truth

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