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MAVERICK (Pericolo  #1.5) is now live!
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I broke the heart of the woman I only ever loved.

Not once, but twice.

I took her fragile beating heart in my hands - the place she
trusted most - and I closed my fingers around it, causing her the utmost pain possible.

I did that.

The man who claimed to love her and I do, but her family is
an issue I never expected to contend with.

Until now.

Now, I pick myself up, dust myself down, and I fight for
Amelia Abbiati and our final chance at love.

And I don't plan to lose this time.


Zane Maverick - dream man, love of my life, heart breaker.

He's the reason my life is upside down. He's why I'm an
outcast. He's the man that drove me to kill to protect.

Now he'll hate the girl I've become.

I'm no longer the girl he fell in love with. I've murdered the
girl I used to be.

I've killed all possibly pieces Zane could ever love.
Just how my father wanted.

**Dual POV. Contains strong language. There are some themes some may find triggering. Contains spoilers!
While this novella can be read as a standalone, it's advised you read Femme Fatale (Pericolo #1) to have the backstory and avoid spoilers! 

Psst! Femme Fatale is on sale on Amazon for 99c/99p!

★✩★ FEMME FATALE – Pericolo #1★✩★

I am still as fiercely in love with Zane Maverick as I was the very first day we collided. I don’t see death changing that.

Buy links:
Amazon UK - amzn.to/1nEqgcQ

This is a mafia romance series, so please be aware of intense scenes of violence, swearing and scenes of a sexual nature.

And if you want more of Amelia and Zane... get book 2 for the same price!

★✩★ FEMME FATALE RELOADED – Pericolo #2★✩★

“I will love you forever, but I can’t do that without you.” - Zane Maverick 

**Warning: 18+, due to scenes of graphic murder, sex and a high use of swearing**

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